Policy generator


Build and manage company policies

Not everyone understands a growing tech firm. We do, and our policies are designed for you.

Creating and managing policies is a time-consuming task. Adoptech’s Policy Generator simplifies the whole policy creation workflow process, saving you time and money, and keeping your company on the front foot.

Smart companies deserve smart policies.

How it works

Based on your company’s biography and answers to questions, a bespoke policy is generated for your company.

Build and edit

Build and edit the bespoke policy further to ensure it meets your specfic requirements.

Save and share

Share policies with colleagues within the platform so that a consensus can be reached efficiently.

Sign and complete

Co-ordinate management approval and attestation from employees. Set deadlines and alerts.

The complete set of policies

Get started now, simply select a policy from the library to find out more and try out the service for free.

Don’t see the policy you require?

Contact us, we have many more policies available that are specific to certain SaaS sectors. For example, for FinTech’s, our Policy Generator supports the majority of policies required for regulated firms and we have Compliance experts on-hand to support you.