Get procurement ready

Create, personalise, share and sign-off your company policies with our policy generator with over 70 policies.

The complete set of company policies, made simple and manageable.

Select a policy from our library of over 70 policies

Answer simple questions to customise your policy

Our platform generates your bespoke policy

Sign-off and share in seconds

Track staff approval

Always aligned with the latest legislation ISO and GDPR Compliance

Forget about templates, endless emails and spreadsheets


Demonstrate you take Information Security seriously

Protect your business, intellectual property and staff with IT and Infosec policies. Display how your company is always ready, protected and up to date with the latest security news and threats.


Build, inform and protect your team

Bring new members to your team, walk them through all your Staff policies and keep them  informed of the latest updates. Create your own workflow to track their approval.


Evidence good governance

Be ready for all your prospects’ demands with a complete set of Compliance policies. Show that your business is ready to reach the next level of Enterprise sales.


Outline your company’s commitment

Display your respect for society and the environment with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. Manage your resources and the environmental impacts of your business, achieve cost savings and promote more environmentally friendly practices.


Protect your company

Minimise the impact of a data breach on your company by ensuring a clear plan is in place with several Data Protection policies. Inform staff about their duties and the procedures that must be undertaken

Our Company Policy Generator – The complete library

This is the complete list of all our company policies. Don’t you see the company policy you require? Open a chat with us, we have many more sector-specific policies available

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