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How it works

Save time and money maintaining your company policies and evidencing the processes you have in place,
with policies designed specifically for B2B SaaS companies.

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Follow the guidance, answer some questions and a bespoke policy is generated. Review and edit the contents to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

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Share and collaborate with colleagues to efficiently draft the policy.

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Request and track management approval and staff attestation of your policies. Set deadlines and alerts to remind staff that policies need to be read.

Policy Library

Select a policy from the library to find out more and try out the service for free.

Information Security & GDPR

Whether you are early in your journey or ready for ISO27001 / SOC2 certification, you will be guided through creating a policy that is bespoke to your business.

Put in place the policies that outline the approach your Company will take to comply with the Data Protection Regulation, such as, GDPR and in doing so reduce the risk of costly data protection breaches.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Business sustainability & ESG isn’t just applicable to large manufactures. Whether you are at the beginning of SaaS journey or heading to IPO, you have a part to play. Prospective clients, investors, and other stakeholders increasingly expect SMEs to display good governance and demonstrate respect for society and the environment. Publicise your commitment with an ESG Policy Statement and whether you wish to adopt a reduced plastic policy or go all the way to a carbon-neutral certification, our policy builder and guidance will help you adopt best-practice in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

Team and staff

Select and create the individual policies you require. If you prefer to issue a single staff handbook you can combine the individual policies into a handbook at the click of a button.


Guidance is provided so that policies reflect the risks and regulations applicable to your company. Use our supporting workflow tools such as our Know Your Client (KYC) Due Diligence checklist to ensure your policies are followed and that the processes can be evidenced.

Too busy or just need some guidance? Chat with our compliance experts.

Don’t see the policy you require?

Contact us, we have many more policies available that are specific to certain SaaS sectors. For example, for FinTech’s, our Policy Generator supports the majority of policies required for regulated firms and we have Compliance experts on-hand to support you.

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