Adoption Leave Policy

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What is an Adoption Leave Policy?

The Adoption Leave Policy sets out the employee’s rights in respect of an employee who is:

  • Adopting a child through a UK adoption agency
  • Fostering a child with a view to adoption
  • Having a child through a surrogate mother

Why is an Adoption Leave Policy important?

This policy is suitable for adoption within the UK, adoptions from overseas are not dealt with in this policy.

Employees have the right to Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP), the right to 52 weeks’ Adoption Leave and the right to return to work. This right is available to legal parents under a surrogacy arrangement.

The rights when returning to work differ depending upon the amount of time taken off, the policy provides clarity on those rights.

Adoption Leave Policy Sections

Entitlement to adoption leave

Notification requirements: adoption cases

Adoption Pay

Starting adoption leave

Returning to work

Shared Parental Leave

Flexible working

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