Complete DORA Compliance


Achieve DORA Compliance

Streamline DORA compliance, gain trust, reduce risk, avoid fines and protect your reputation with our expertise, automation and insight.


Maintain DORA Compliance Effortlessly

Adoptech makes it easy to monitor controls, share tasks and keep track of all the moving parts needed to remain DORA compliant, all in one simple to use platform.

Adoptech integrates with the tools you already use to test and monitor compliance, providing a real-time picture of compliance.


DORA Audits & Expertise

Our in-house DORA compliance experts will support you every step of the way and help conduct internal audits to verify compliance.

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to DORA compliance and legislation with an external DORA audit conducted by one of our Tier 1 audit partners.

The DORA audit report, provides peace of mind to the senior management team and a robust demonstration of your organisations compliance to regulators.


Unify & Maintain DORA Compliance

Connect your people, devices, software, vendors, security policies & processes into one single platform.

Maintain Compliance

With our expertise and platform tools we can help you achieve compliance, conduct internal audits and gain assurance through external DORA audits.

Automate up to 90% of the work

We support FinTechs and Financial Service firms of all sizes to automate compliance and streamline security processes, third-party risk management and audits.

Adoptech integrates with the tools you use

Our platform integrates with multiple applications and services. We work with cloud providers, identity providers, task management, custom security apps, and many more to automatically monitor compliance.

Showcase Good Governance with TrustHub

Build trust and demonstrate good governance with your own branded online TrustHub. Showcase and present key information while maintaining disclosure control.

DORA Controls

We make it easy to manage, maintain and automate all the relevant DORA controls in one place. 

We’ve got you covered.

Protect privacy, build trust, and accelerate your sales cycle

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