The tools to grow your software company and protect your clients

Accelerating and simplifying B2B SaaS adoption

The Software Supplier Toolkit

Adopt best practice, evidence good governance and win more deals

Policy generator

Build, share and manage over 80 bespoke company policies.

Industry certifications

Demonstrate client information is secure by efficiently obtaining ISO / SOC2 accreditation.

Automated assessments

Send, receive and respond to InfoSec, RFP, and investor questionnaires using our auto-response tool.

SaaS Continuity Service

An all-in-one solution including source code escrow and Continuity Service as part of a service agreement. Protect your client’s operations and win more deals by ensuring your service remains available even if things don’t go to plan.

Boost sales

SaaS firms that provide continuity assurance to their clients increase sales.

Independent protection

We are on standby to independently support and operate the software service in our own replica cloud environment.

Operational resilience

By providing continuity assurance, enterprises meet their board and regulatory mandates.

Removing the barriers to cloud software adoption

Enterprises can digitise their business secure in the knowledge that their business-critical software suppliers are adopting best practices and with peace of mind that Adoptech is on-hand if things don’t go to plan.