In a world where there is no off…

Accelerating and simplifying technology adoption


Breaking down the barriers to cloud technology adoption

The tools to grow your technology company and protect your clients

Boost sales

Prospects see your business more credibly and gain the confidence to accelerate their use of your software solutions.

Save time and money

Benefit from shorter sales cycles and respond faster to client assessments. Our Toolkit enables you to answer once and share with many.

Protect operations

Reduced risk to your business equates to lower risk for your clients, protecting you and your clients from the unexpected.  

Vendor Toolkit

Efficiently implement and evidence good governance

Policy builder

Quickly create and efficiently maintain your company policies.

Industry certifications

Streamline your application for industry certifications, such as ISO27001.

Insurance policies

From cyber to PII, efficiently review and exhibit the protection you have in place for your business and your clients.

Vendor Assessments

Streamline audits, assessments and information exchange with stakeholders using the 360° platform

Answer questions once

Procurement questionnaires, InfoSec audits and investor due-diligence all require much of the same information; so we’ve made information exchange simple!

Transparency builds trust

Proactively share information and respond quickly to client assessments, improving trust and client satisfaction.

Continuity Assurance

Protecting you and your clients from the unexpected

Mitigate cloud adoption risk

In the unlikely event you pivot or fail, all your clients are protected with continuity assurance.

Independent protection

We independently manage a replica cloud environment, source code and client data ensuring all parties are protected.

Operational resilience & regulatory compliance

By maintaining a Plan B, your clients meet their regulatory and board mandates on operational resilience.

We would like to adopt more third-party technology solutions but too often we have engaged with SME firms that have been acquired, failed or pivoted leaving us high and dry. At last there is a solution.  COO – Large European Bank
Companies can digitise their business and advance competitive edge secure in the knowledge that third-party risks are mitigated from the beginning to end of an engagement.