Simplifying Risk

The Adoptech platform simplifies the risk management process, providing a centralised view of all your risks.

Efficiently and effectively manage your company’s risks

Identify your company risks

Analyse and classify them

Assess your risks and mitigation plans

Track and generate risk reports

No more spreadsheets or endless emails

Continuous, effective risk management

Get unlimited help – no billable hours, no extra cost

Our Registers

Information Security Risk Register

Simplify the risk assessment process, providing a centralised view of all your risks

Vendor Risk Management

Audit the security posture of your vendors to ensure they meet your security and governance standards.

Business Risks and Opportunities (PESTEL)

Identify and manage the internal and external issues your company faces to determine its risks and opportunities.

Legal Register

Ensure your company is up to date with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions that it operates in.

Start simplifying your Risk Management

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