Vendor Risk Management

Audit the security posture of your vendors to ensure they meet your security and governance standards.

Efficiently and effectively monitor your vendor’s compliance posture

Add your vendors

Classify them

Assess the vendor risk

Set reminders

No more spreadsheets or endless mails

Send security questionnaires and collate responses all within Adoptech

Track your vendors

A one-stop-shop to understand the security and commercial risk your vendors pose. From the central vendor register, assess security risk, track legal agreements and schedule reviews.

Audit your vendors

Streamline your vendor audits using Adoptech’s security questionnaires. The intuitive portal makes it quick and easy for the vendor to complete and for you to collate answers in one place. Assess the responses to ensure your information security, data protection and ESG standards are being met.

Build trust with your clients

Demonstrate to your customers that you take their fourth-party risk seriously by monitoring your vendors. Efficiently provide evidence to your ISO or SOC2 auditors that supplier risk is being managed.

Streamline your vendor risk management

A single dashboard view of your Vendor risk management

Simple to add vendors and upload associated documentation