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What is a Change Control Policy?

This policy provides Staff with guidance on the processes and procedures that must be followed when planning and implementing change. The aim is to ensure change is implemented in the most cost effective, high quality manner with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Use this policy to manage procedures for hardware configuration, software updates and system administration changes.

Why is a Change Control Policy important?

Changes are inevitable, especially in technology, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful. A well implemented change control policy will ensure no needed changes are made, that all needed changes are well documented, that ongoing operations face few delays or disruptions and that all resources are used in the most effective and efficient way.

Poor change management could dramatically reduce your teams ability to adapt to new challenges, To learn from previous mistakes and to maintain a productive work environment.

Should I use a Change Control Policy template?

Even though templates can be really helpful to create policies for your company, they are not the perfect solution. Those templates are standard documents that do not reflect your company’s peculiarities. Instead of using a Change Control Policy template, our recommendation is to create a custom policy completely adapted to your company’s needs. The Adoptech platform allows you to create over 70 bespoke policies in seconds.

ISO 27001 Change Control Policy

Change control policies and procedures are part of the requirements of the ISO 27001 Certification standard. Change management and registers are addressed in the ISO 27001 audits, so it is really important for a company working towards that certification to have them covered.

Change Control Policy Related

References: ISO 27001

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