Code of Conduct Policy

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What is a Code of Conduct Policy?

The Company’s code of conduct outlines the principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guide the decisions and procedures that must be followed by employees.

Why is a Code of Conduct Policy important?

The code of conduct policy is an important part of staff training. It outlines expected behaviour and the culture of the company. Whilst the actions of senior leaders are key to reinforcing company culture and what is considered appropriate behaviour, this policy gives clear guidance and is especially important to new joiners.

This policy also provides a level of protection as employees who do not follow the code of conduct can face disciplinary action.

Should I use a Code of Conduct Policy template?

Even though templates can be really helpful to create policies for your company, they are not the perfect solution. Templates are standard documents that do not reflect your company’s peculiarities. Instead of using a Code of Conduct Policy template, our recommendation is to create a custom policy completely adapted to your company’s needs. The Adoptech platform allows you to create over 70 bespoke policies in seconds.

Code of Conduct Policy Sections

Compliance with the law

Respect within the workplace

Protection of company property

Conduct whilst representing the company

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Personal Appearance

Data and building security

Job duties and authority

Absenteeism and tardiness

Collaboration and Communication

Company policies

Disciplinary actions

Code of Conduct Policy Related

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