Code of Ethics Policy

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What is a Code of Ethics Policy?

The Code of Ethics Policy sets out general principles of corporate ethics that an organisation should guide itself by. 

A clear Code of Ethics can help ensure staff are aware of the sort of behaviour that is expected from them and therefore avoid situations in which staff have acted inappropriately, unethically, or without integrity.

Why is a Code of Ethics Policy important?

The policy is particularly relevant to companies working within a regulated environment such as FinTech’s working within the Financial Services sector. 

The Code of Ethics Policy is also an effective way of demonstrating your Company’s commitment to acting with integrity. This can in turn enhance a business’s reputation and business prospects.

Should I use a Code of Ethics Policy template?

Even though templates can be really helpful to create policies for your company, they are not the perfect solution. Templates are standard documents that do not reflect your company’s peculiarities. Instead of using a Code of Ethics Policy template, our recommendation is to create a custom policy completely adapted to your company’s needs. The Adoptech platform allows you to create over 70 bespoke policies in seconds.

Code of Ethics Policy Sections

Conducting business with due skill, care and diligence

Entitlement to Maternity Leave

Paying due regard to the interests of clients and treating them fairly

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