Incident Management Plan

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What is an Incident Management Plan?

An Incident Management Plan minimises the impact of cyber security or data breach incidents on your company by ensuring there is a clear, effective, and orderly plan in place to respond to information security incidents.

Why is an Incident Management Plan important?

Cyber security incidents are increasing, and it is not just large companies under threat, according to the national cybersecurity society 43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. Whether it’s a deliberate cyber-attack or an email that has been sent to the wrong recipient, it’s important that there are clear steps communicated to staff on the process that should be followed to minimise the impact. Initial steps will include containing the breach, understanding the impact and establishing the steps necessary to resolve the issue.

Clear communication and understanding of roles and responsibilities are key to minimising the impact of an incident. In some cases, external parties, such as the police and the individual data subjects may need to be contacted.

Incident Management Plan Sections

What is a data breach

Cyber threats

The incident management process: Identification

The incident management process: Containment

The incident management process: Communications

The incident management process: Resolution

The incident management process: Recovery

The incident management process: Post-incident analysis

The incident management process: Lessons learnt

Incident room best practices

Incident Management Plan Related

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