Acceptable Use Policy

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What is an Acceptable Use Policy?

The Acceptable Use Policy provides guidance on the use of Company and personal systems. It is the responsibility of every user to operate your Company’s systems in an effective, safe, ethical and lawful manner.

Why is an Acceptable Use Policy important?

A whole host of problems can arise when employees use business equipment for personal purposes or personal equipment for business purposes including, loss of productivity and security risks.

No matter what your policy is, or how much you try to control it, employees will probably use business equipment from time to time for personal purposes. As a result, most firms allow a reasonable level of use, but being consistent in creating and enforcing rules is recommended to ensure that personal use doesn’t get excessive.

This is one of the fundamental policies we recommend companies have in place from an early stage of growth.

Should I use an Acceptable Use Policy template?

Even though templates can be really helpful to create policies for your company, they are not the perfect solution. Templates are standard documents that do not reflect your company’s peculiarities. Instead of using an Acceptable Use Policy template, our recommendation is to create a custom policy completely adapted to your company’s needs. The Adoptech platform allows you to create over 70 bespoke policies in seconds.

Acceptable Use Policy ISO 27001

For companies working on InfoSec Certification, the ISO 27001 standard has requirements for different InfoSec and Staff policies, including those related to the corporate acceptable use of assets. Therefore the Acceptable Use Policy is part of the policies required for ISO 27001 certification.

Acceptable Use Policy Sections

The use of social media

The use of personal accounts during working hours

Using company issued and personal mobile phones

Acceptable Use Policy Related

Related terms: Corporate Acceptable use of assets, ISO Acceptable Use Policy, Company Assets, Acceptable use of assets, Corporate Acceptable Use Policy

Framework References: ISO 27001

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