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Pilot, Evaluation or Trial Agreement

Setup a pilot, trial or proof of concept with prospective customers.

The pilot agreement, also known as a ‘trial agreement’ or ‘evaluation agreement’, outlines the scope of the trial and in some cases the intention to purchase the software if the trial meets expectations.

Data Processing Agreement

Whenever you commit to process data on behalf of a customer, a data processing contract should be entered into. Designed for UK and/or EU processing.

It’s important to understand who is responsible for what, and the liabilities that exist if something goes wrong. These are outlined within this data processing agreement.

Professional Services Letter of Engagement

This short-form engagement letter can be used when supplying professional services such as development, consultancy and project management to a customer.

The agreement sets out in clear and simple terms the process to be followed for the provision of services between two businesses.

SaaS T&Cs

The SaaS Terms & Conditions form contains the terms and conditions by which users can access your software, setting the rules and guidelines the customer should follow to access the Software service provided.

This form governs the contractual relationship between the software service provider and the customer.

Collaboration Agreement

This form is an agreement between two or more people, working together on a common project.

It contains the obligations, responsibilities and duties of each of the parts involved in the project.

Consultancy Agreement

The Consultancy Agreement establishes the details of the agreement between an independent contractor and the client company for the provision of consultancy services.

The external consultant could be an individual or a company. The Agreement should cover key matters such as Copyright and/or Intellectual Property.

IT Services Contract

The IT Services Contract establishes the details of the agreement between the IT service provider and the Customer.

It determines the responsibilities of both parties.

Professional Services Contract

The Professional Services contract establishes the terms of the agreement between a professional services provider and the customer.

It usually covers single projects with determined timelines and deliverables.

Referral / Sales Partnership Agreement

The Referral / Sales Agreement contains the features and details of the agreement between a service provider and a second company that refers potential clients to them.

It should cover the details of the referral process, laying out responsibilities throughout the process and confidentiality and privacy issues.

Settlement Agreement

This form settles a dispute between two parties, providing a proper solution for both parties in order to avoid any further legal actions.

There must be mutual assent among the parties without coertion, and with a legal purpose.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement contains the details of an agreement between a service provider and a customer.

It details specific aspects such as the quality, responsibilities or timeline of the services agreed.

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