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What is a Consultancy Agreement?

A consultancy agreement is a contract setting out the terms and conditions of an arrangement between a self-employed person (known as a ‘consultant’) and a client requiring the consultant’s services. Consultancy services are wide-ranging and include advice from experts in certain areas (eg brand consulting or the services of an independent contractor, such as a freelance designer).

When do I need a Consultancy Agreement?

You should use this document when you hire a consultant (or want to provide your services as a consultant) and want to record the details of the arrangement. Find out more about using consultants, including what you should be aware of and the benefits of doing so. 

Make sure you create a formal agreement to ensure that both parties are clear on the consultant’s services as well as payment obligations. Having a consultancy contract will help protect you and your business on crucial issues such as ownership of intellectual property created by the consultant and data protection matters.

When should I use a Consultancy Agreement?

  • When you want to appoint a consultant to provide services on a self-employed basis
  • When you are an individual wanting to provide services to a business on a self-employed basis
  • When you want to appoint an individual consultant to provide services through an intermediary company
  • When you are an individual wanting to provide services to a business through an intermediary company
  • Only for consultants based in England, Wales or Scotland

Consultancy Agreement Sections

Client and consultant details

The services to be provided by the consultant

Consultant substitution


Insurance and liability

Intellectual property, data protection and confidential information

How to end the agreement

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