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Physical Security Policy

Small or large, it is important that you protect your Company’s physical buildings, whether that’s the people space that provides a safe, secure environment for your staff or your data centres that provide the resilience needed to deliver continuity of service to your clients.

Use the Physical Security Policy to outline how your Company protects resources from harm and describes the parameters for controlling access to those resources. The policy includes detailing the framework and procedures for granting, monitoring and removing physical access to company premises in order to ensure the safety and security of the team, guests and company assets.

Prospective clients will require evidence that the processes and controls in place to protect your service and their data are fit for purpose. They will demand this regardless of whether you are using the largest cloud service providers (CSPs) out there such as AWS, Google or Azure. This policy caters for that and maintains the latest information on each of the largest CSPs data centres. 

This policy includes sections on:

  • The role of staff in protecting your premises
  • Office access controls
  • CCTV
  • Data centre access controls

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