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Open Source Software Policy

Open-source software (OSS) is used by many companies as there are significant advantages to utilising the software, such as, reducing development costs and in some cases improved reliability due to large user groups reviewing and contributing towards the software development. However, using externally developed OSS may present significant risks to your Company. 

The OSS Policy helps to reduce the risks associated with using OSS by ensuring that:

  • The use of OSS is aligned with your Company’s strategy
  • OSS is not used without prior authorisation
  • Where supported, your staff understand where OSS is being used
  • Software engineers understand that there are potential legal, financial and reputational risks associated with using OSS

This open-source software policy includes sections on: 

  • OSS licences
  • Utilising OSS
  • Third-party use of OSS
  • Governance of OSS

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