Protect your clients, code and reputation

Easy and dependable ways to prevent downtime and guarantee continued access to your software

A modern approach to service continuity and software escrow

Guaranteed continuity

Adoptech’s Continuity Service ensures continued access to your software service in the event you pivot, have a major technical failure, or cease operations.

Boost sales by delivering 24/7 continuity of service and the operational resilience that your clients demand.

What’s different about SaaS?

Cloud hosted, SaaS suppliers typically hold all the credentials and own the relationship with the hosting partner e.g. AWS/Azure. Should you suffer failure, your clients are at risk of immediately losing access to the service they rely upon and their data.

The data loss can often be more devastating than the loss of the service.Your clients, investors and stakeholders demand operational resilience and 24/7 continuity of service.

Source Code Escrow does not provide continuity

Under the terms of an escrow agreement it typically takes many weeks for code to be released. It is then the client’s responsibility to compile, release and operate the software which is rarely feasible. By the time the expertise and resource have been found the damage has already been done.

You’re in safe hands

Adoptech uniquely offer a fully managed support service, so assistance is there when you most need it.

Whether a major technical failure occurs or your SaaS company ceases operations, Adoptech “Keep the Lights On” (KTLO) provides continuity for the critical time needed to resolve the issue, bring the service in-house or transition to an alternative provider. KTLO is built into the Continuity Plan and guaranteed by Adoptech.

Who is it for?

If a SaaS provider fails or ceases activity, we respond to minimise the impact to customers, ensuring that business-critical software, data, and operations remain available until a resolution is found.

SaaS Providers

Boost sales – provide an effective “Plan B” to protect your customers if you undertake a strategic exit or cease activity.

Enterprise Customers

Protect your operations and negate the risk of downtime should the worst happen to your SaaS providers.

Legal Advisors

Adoptech experts build and maintain knowledge of the firm and its operations in order that they can step-in.

Our solution

Build a unique level of continuity into your service agreements and demonstrate business continuity to stakeholders by selecting from our service modules, outlined below. 1, 3 or 6 months continuity can be guaranteed.

Code Escrow

Suitable for software companies that require application source code protection (with optional verification).

Credentials Escrow

A simple and easy way to provide continued access to the live production environment.

Continuity Support

Adoptech experts step in to manage the software service on behalf of customers for a pre-agreed length of time.

Replica Environment

For critical services: a dedicated, customer specific replica cloud environment is maintained, along with application source code and customer data

Our approach

Setting up agreements is easy and straightforward using our platform and we have experts on-hand to provide guidance on building an effective continuity plan.

The continuity plan enables you to recover from a technology failure or cease operations with minimal impact to customers. This includes scenarios where your company undertakes a strategic exit or becomes insolvent.

Where operational resilience is critical to you and your customers, the Adoptech team will work closely with you to ensure the continuity plans and processes in place meet your unique requirements.