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Company Policies and Industry Certifications made easy

Boost sales and improve your ratings
Create policies, gain industry certifications and apply for insurance quickly using the 360° platform. The more you use the platform the faster it becomes. Answer questions once!

Company Policy Generator
Create and maintain your company policies quickly and easily. Every company needs multiple policies; the creation, application and maintenance of policies can be time-consuming, so we’ve simplified it for you.

View here for more information on the Policy Generator.


Industry Certifications
Demonstrate that your business has the systems and controls in place to combat any threats to your data integrity with certifications including ISO27001. Use Adoptech to streamline the certification process.


Insurance Policies
Exhibit the protection you have in place for your business and your clients. From cybersecurity to PII, use Adoptech to review the insurance you have in place and quickly collate the information required to apply for insurance.

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Embrace best practice faster with Adoptech

Boost sales and client retention

  • Prospects see your business more credibly
  • Customers gain confidence in how you manage risk

Be a better company

  • Following best practice will help your business succeed and reduce the risks you face
  • Reducing risk to your business equates to lower risk for your clients

Simple to use

  • 360° platform is web-based, simple and secure to use
  • Answer questions once and share with many