Cloud Continuity Assurance

Ensuring the continued availability of the cloud software services you rely on

Software supplier failure can be costly. But with a Continuity Assurance Plan, you are covered. 
  • If your SaaS supplier goes bust, pivots, or retires their service without providing an alternative, we will step in and independently operate the service on a KTLO (keep the lights on) basis until your firm migrates to an alternative.
  • We will operate the service on behalf of all assured clients on a replica cloud environment.
  • The code is stored in escrow and on a trigger event released to the Adoptech team so that bugs can be fixed and the service maintained.
  • We’re ready to step in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you’ll never be left stranded.
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Keeping the lights on your business-critical software suppliers

Despite best efforts, on occasions software suppliers will fail and without preparation, planning and people, operations can be significantly impacted.


Adoptech experts remain on-hand and ready to step-in when required


Adoptech maintain a continuity plan so that when called upon, the steps necessary to avoid disruption are clear


Adoptech experts build and maintain knowledge of the firm and its operations in order that they can step-in


Finding the right continuity assurance plan for you

Assuring your cloud software suppliers is straightforward. There are multiple levels of assurance available to suit your recovery time objectives.

How does a Cloud Continuity Assurance Plan work?

  1. A tri-party agreement is entered between the software supplier, the client and Adoptech.
  2. Assured software companies are given the tools to follow best practices, this increases their chance of success and reduces the likelihood of a trigger event. A trigger event is typically where the software supplier is no longer willing or able to continue providing the service, for example, they have gone bust.
  3. The Adoptech practitioners, maintain a step-in plan that will be followed in a trigger event. The plan is regularly tested to ensure the team is ready and able to independently operate the service.
  4. In a trigger event, Adoptech practitioners utilise our own cloud instance of the software service, and clients are redirected to our environment.
  5. The service is typically maintained for 3-6 months giving clients sufficient time to address the issues with the software company or move to an alternative provider.

The legal framework that underpins continuity assurance is unique to Adoptech. By acting independently, on behalf of multiple clients, we provide effective protection for software consumers whilst ensuring the software supplier’s IP is also protected. 


Accelerate your use of innovative cloud software solutions

Digital Transformation

The rapid adoption of cutting-edge cloud software is key to the future success of many firms. Continuity assurance supports this transformation by mitigating the third-party failure risk.


Easy access to monitor and audit your cloud software suppliers using the Adoptech assessment tool.


You hope you never have to use step-in assurance, but you can be sure it’s there when you need it – and it works