Vendor Assessment

Respond quickly to client assessments & build trust

Streamline audits, assessments and information exchange.
Achieve easy and efficient information exchange using Adoptech

Impress prospective clients by proactively sharing information on your company and responding quickly to demonstrate you have sounds governance processes. and procedures in place.

The 360 platform enables you to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with answering multiple client assessments, InfoSec audits and investor due-diligence; answer once and share with many!

The assessment process becomes faster, more efficient and less prone to errors.

The information you enter is securely stored and can be shared with multiple stakeholders in different formats so that you only have to answer the same questions once.

Other products

Vendor Toolkit

Company policies and industry certifications made easy.


A faster, more effective and cost efficient assessment process

Reduce risk

  • Transparency builds trust
  • Information is securely stored

Save time and money

  • Save time by answering once and sharing with many
  • Collaborate quickly and more effectively using the platform

Simple to adopt

  • 360° platform is web-based, simple and secure to use 
  • Easy to share in different formats