Turnaround Management

Turnaround Management

The consultancy of choice to deliver change in complex, challenging situations

Specialising in SME technology companies, our senior, experienced team provides hands-on support to lead and guide a business through a successful turnaround. TACTech practitioners are accomplished alumni from top companies with proven operational experience who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work with stakeholders to deliver change. 

Our experienced consultants take timely, decisive action to help stablise your business and put the foundations in place for growth, margin improvement and long-term success; their intervention can help refocus and redirect a company’s strategic trajectory, reshape its future and reinvigorate employees.

In often chaotic situations, we take a pragmatic, analytical approach along with our broad and deep industry expertise, to assess a situation and develop an effective and executable plan to put the company back on solid footing.

Drawing on their deep operational experience, practitioners provide a tailored solution to each situation. Typically the turnaround process involves:

  • Stabilise cash flow, manage internal and external relationships
  • Assessment of the company’s internal and external situation
  • Review the turnaround options
  • Prepare a clear, realistic and robust plan
  • Execute the plan
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Supporting better decisions

Significant decisions with potentially far-reaching consequences will be influenced by our assessments and advice which is why all our partners have hands-on operational experience. They have walked the walk.


  • 1000+ years experience within the group 
  • Our partners have a minimum of 15 years operational experience 


  • We have subject matter experts across Fintech, RegTech, InsurTech and EnergyTech
  • Called upon as expert witnesses by regulators, and for panels as industry experts 

Proven Success

  • We are not traditional consultants. Our experts have hands-on, proven  operational experience; they have not spent a career in consulting
  • Accomplished alumni from top companies within their respective sector