SaaS Continuity Service

The next generation of Software Escrow

The UK’s first SaaS continuity service.

If a SaaS provider fails or ceases activity, we respond to minimise the impact to customers, ensuring that business-critical software, data, and operations remain available until a resolution is found.

Service options


Adoptech steps into the SaaS providers live production environment and maintain it on-behalf of all assured customers


A dedicated, customer specific, replica cloud environment operated by Adoptech is made available


Automated code deposits and optional verification. Option to support the release of code to customers


Operational and application support

Who are you?

SaaS Continuity Service protects SaaS providers, their customers and counterparties


Are you looking to protect your operations and negate the risk of downtime should the worst happen to your SaaS providers?

SaaS Provider

Boost sales by providing an effective wind-down plan that protects your customers if you undertake a strategic exit or cease activity.