Preparing for a Technology Vendor failure

Citi AM last week, underlined the importance of #UKGovernment support for our thriving #startup industry but clearly the underlying message is that #investors and #venturecapitalists will be focussing on shoring up their own asset base or protecting their existing portfolio rather than making more capital available.

Pointedly – this makes the failure of your cloud based vendor more likely.

We wrote a few weeks ago the questions to ask your vendors during this crisis but how else can you protect yourself from one of your technology vendors failing?

What should you do next?
– Map out your Vendor landscape- Collect Vendor data
– Assess impact of failure – Secure a path to your data
– Secure access and ability to operate the code

We know that using 3rd party #cloud based applications is the fastest way to innovate but we also know this isn’t without risks.

Adoptech mitigates those risks and ensures availability of your vendor’s service, allowing you to get back on with business.

#Adoptech Software assurance – Predict – Prevent – Protect

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