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Tendering and Outsourcing Platforms

Make sure all your companies are compliant and ready for business.

Open up the number of companies you can sell to.


Tendering and Outsourcing Platforms have a list of companies that can provide different services required from the platform. They serve as a “hub” of services that they later refer to their companies.

The Challenge

The Tendering and Outsourcing platforms need to extend the number of companies they can refer to. The more companies they have available, the more services they can provide.

However, to be part of the platform’s list, companies need to show a certain level of compliance and Information Security hygiene.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale a SaaS company. It is the perfect way to keep all the companies together with the platform requirements and manage their policies and status.

Adoptech provided all the information on the platform and services to the Tendering and Outsourcing Platform, and a special offer for their companies to subscribe.

This way the platform companies can now create, edit, manage, sign and share all their company policies (InfoSec, Compliance, Staff, Data Protection and ESG) in the same place. They can reduce time to contract with their enterprise contacts with different agreements like NDAs and Pilot or Trial.

As for the Tendering and Outsourcing Platform, they have a standardize, scalable and repeatable way to “recruit” more companies, by sending them to the Adoptech platform to match all the requirements.

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