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Technology Auditors and Due Diligence

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Auditors are external experts hired to review the governance and compliance status of a company. They help several companies maintain a certain level of legal and compliance hygiene to ensure their activity.

The Challenge

Auditors work with many different companies in different situations, stages, sizes and needs. Each company has its own set of tools, platforms, policies, workflows, spreadsheets…

The auditor spends too much time going through the different platforms and workflows of the different companies in order to review their controls and status.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale and SaaS company. It helps auditors standardize their approach to different clients, and provides a unique solution for all of them.

Both the auditor and the company founders and staff can create controls on the platform, notify changes and updates, and even sign them. All the process are standardized, updated and follow best practice, ending the endless mail chains and spreadsheets.

Thanks to the Adoptech platform, auditors can cover more customers by going directly to the only place to manage and track the client status.

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