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The SaaS Start Up is a 5 employee firm that is angel funded and has a good understanding of market fit and a minimally viable product.

The Challenge

The SaaS Start Up is actively seeking Enterprise customer through trials or proof of concepts. They want to protect their IP and will need to articulate their posture on information security, HR and ESG

They typically won’t have had experience of the Enterprise requirements and are ill equipped for these first stages of Enterprise engagement let alone the procurement process. They may have some policies in place but they will typically have generated them from boiler plate examples and will not necessarily have the resources available to employ a lawyer to structure and negotiate a pilot and trial agreement.

The Solution

With the Adoptech platform, we provided the SaaS Start Up with configurable statutory, ESG and InfoSec policies to ensure they passed the minimum hygiene thresholds of their enterprise customers. They were able to use our two way NDAs to protect their IP and our Trial and Pilot agreement to define terms for a Proof of concept.

All of their policies and agreements were configurable/negotiable in app and can be signed, shared, authorised and attested within the Portal.

Unbeknownst to the SaaS Start Up our platform was already preparing them for the next stages of their journey, not only with workflows that record audit trails of documents and staff attestations but in allowing repeated use of the stored data as the foundations for automated framework compliance to the enterprise frameworks or industry standard frameworks such as ISO and SOC

The Adoptech platform started the SaaS Startup on the right path from the beginning, creating a single source of truth in your enterprise data room immediately preventing worst practice and productivity sapping use of spreadsheets and email workflows that cannot be scaled or repeated.

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