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Provide your SaaS companies all the tools to increase sales and grow rapidly by showing top level Information Security Compliance.

Reduce time to contract and close deals faster with a scalable and repeatable solution to increase their efficiency and income.


Private Equity funds buy firms into their portfolio. They raise capital to improve their portfolio companies’ income and improve productivity. Their primary objective is to create and release value from their investment portfolio. They must ensure that their portfolio firms are ready to be sold and will pass the technical due diligence of their potential acquirer.

The Challenge

Private Equity funds own several companies with different levels of InfoSec compliance. They need to make sure they have a high level of Information Security hygiene that makes them ready to be sold. In buy and build strategies where they are assembling a collection of firms into a given market strategy they must ensure that all the firms and founders are complying to a consistent level of infosec compliance.

When it comes to big Enterprise, internationally recognised standards are not enough and a specific enterprise InfoSec framework is required, therefore creating a time-consuming flow of emails, platforms, spreadsheets…

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale SaaS companies. It helps Start Ups improve their productivity and increase their probability of realising value.

We understand what it takes a growing SaaS company to succeed with Enterprise deals, and we support them with over 70 company policies to make sure their compliance and governance levels are high enough and they are achieving third party risk mitigation.

The Adoptech platform makes Information Security Certification simple, providing dedicated expert support on ISO 27001 certification and keeping all the policies, domains and controls required in the same place.

Adoptech also creates bespoke frameworks for beyond international standards, making it easier to close enterprise deals by managing all the Enterprise requirements in the same place.

It helps companies and Private Equity Firms to realise the target value, protecting their Intellectual Property and preparing them for government sales and tenders.

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