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Outsourced Technology Providers

Standardize your business approach to improve your efficiency.

Deal with more clients in less time with a single platform to manage all their policies, agreements and certification.


Outsourced Technology and Software providers help clients that need hardware and/or software solutions for their company. They provide all kind of technological support for different clients so they can focus on their business while being supported by the right tools.

The Challenge

Technology providers work with many different companies in different situations, stages, sizes and needs. Each company hast its own set of tools, platforms, policies, workflows, spreadsheets…

Tech providers spend too much time going through the different platforms and workflows of the different companies, they approach each company individually.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale companies. It is the perfect solution to create a scalable and repeatable workflow that can be applied to several companies.

All the process are standardized, updated and follow best practice, ending the endless mail chains and spreadsheets, keeping everything together in the same place.

It helps technology providers standardize their approach to companies, covering more customers by going directly to the only place to manage and track the client status.

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