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Investment Company

Provide your portfolio companies all the tools to increase sales and grow rapidly.

Help them reduce time to contract and close deals faster with a scalable and repeatable solution.


The Investment Company manages a portfolio of firms that are developing and growing fast. Their main objective is to improve their scalability and close more deals.

The Challenge

The Investment Company works as an enhancer for its portfolio companies and advises them on the best companies, services and products to help them grow.

They need to provide their portfolio and ecosystem with the best solutions to match their needs and help them grow in a fast and sustainable way, creating scalable and repeatable workflows. Their products are market fit and ready for sale, but they tend to struggle with the complexity of closing enterprise deals. They struggle with the amount of resources consumed by the procurement and third party risk management process of their enterprise customers.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale B2B SaaS companies. It helps their portfolio companies unlock enterprise sales, win more business and build value by adopting best practice and evidencing good governance.

We understand what it takes growing SaaS companies to succeed with Enterprise deals, and we help them mitigate the risks of adoption and operational resilience.

Adoptech provides a single platform to accelerate time to contract with a repeatable process and workflow that help Investment Companies maximise value from their portfolio companies.

Help your companies get more deals through the line thanks to simple and configurable policies, agreements and audit & compliance frameworks

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