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Growth Technology Start Up

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The Growth Technology Start Up has successfully signed commercial contracts and successfully  engaged with Enterprise customers. The product is market fit and all the statutory and basic InfoSec policies are in place.

The Challenge

To ensure compliance with the enterprise’s infosec framework their customers audit them and send frequent spreadsheet assessments and email questionnaires. The growth technology start up puts a process in place for each of their customers but it is time consuming and not repeatable, chewing up resources that could be used more productively.

They need to get this lost time back into their business with a scalable and repeatable InfoSec process that saves time and helps them close deals faster.

The Solution

The adoption of compliance to an international standard such as ISO or SOC via the Adoptech platform ensures that much of the heavy lifting demonstrating InfoSec hygiene is achieved.

Adoptech’s platform helped them simplify Information Security Certification, allowing them to manage, control and review all their ISO content in the same place while providing dedicated support from their experts on ISO and SOC2.

Thanks to the ISO 27001 and SOC2 certification, the company is able to prove a high level of InfoSec hygiene with standards that are recognized internationally, therefore simplifying and reducing their time to contract while getting rid of spreadsheets and email workflows that can’t be scaled or repeated.

The Adoptech platform also started the Mature SaaS startup on the right path by preparing them for the next natural steps of its growth: A Business Continuity Plan and Code Escrow.

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