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Outsourced Accountancy and CFO service providers

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Standardise your approach to managing your clients InfoSec requirements and improve your efficiency.


Outsourced Accountancy and CFO providers are often required to manage the InfoSec risk assessments and process of their different clients. This means managing many policies, agreements, workflows and answering extensive questionnaires.

The Challenge

As trusted partners, outsourced accountancy and CFO firms are often lent on by their clients when it comes to Information Security standards, requirements and policies. Even though this is an adjacent service, it is part of the services they provide to their clients.

Accountancy firms want to address these compliance requirements in a way that guarantees all their clients will receive a great service, but at the same time, they can’t take too much time from their “day to day” tasks.

The current process relies on different platforms, tools, consultants, spreadsheets, email flows… making it even more time-consuming. They need a uniform and standardised way to address these compliance requirements, a platform to achieve the right Information Security outcome for their clients AND help them improve productivity.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale SaaS companies. It helps outsourced accountancy and CFO firms standardise their approach to different clients whilst catering to their individual needs.

Both the firm and their clients can access the same platform, which can be used to update, notify and track all the changes and requirements in their InfoSec process. In the Adoptech platform all the process are standardised and always reflect best practice, ending the endless mail chains and spreadsheets.

Thanks to the Adoptech platform, accountancy firms can cover more customers by going directly to the only place to manage and track the client status.

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