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Provide your SaaS companies all the tools to increase sales and grow rapidly.

Unlock enterprise sales, close deals faster and reduce time to contract.

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The Accelerator / Incubator manages a portfolio of firms that are developing and growing fast. Their main objective is to support them throughout this process.

The Challenge

The Accelerator / Incubator works as a counselor for its Start Ups and advises them on the best companies, services and products to help them grow.

They need to provide their investment portfolio ecosystem with the best solutions to match their needs and help them grow in a fast and sustainable way, creating scalable and repeatable workflows.

The Solution

The Adoptech platform is the one-stop place for all the tools to start, grow and scale and SaaS company. It helps Start Ups unlock enterprise sales and win more business by adopting best practice and evidencing good governance.

Adoptech provided all the information on the platform and services to the Accelerator / Incubator, and a special offer for their startups to subscribe to the Adoptech Platform.

This way the Accelerator startups can now create, edit, manage, sign and share all their company policies (InfoSec, Compliance, Staff, Data Protection and ESG) in the same place.

They can reduce time to contract with their enterprise contacts with different agreements like NDAs and Pilot or Trial.

The Adoptech platform also serves as the fastest way to prepare for ISO Certification, the internationally recognised standard for Information Security, thanks to the dedicated support provided by the Adoptech experts. This is the natural next step in their growth process, getting ready to scale and sign Enterprise contracts.

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