What are the benefits of hiring an ISO 27001 Consultant?

Implementing any ISO certification is a strategic move enabling companies to win and retain business through an internationally recognised standard. Historically ISO certifications require a very high level of involvement and time but Adoptech has simplified this process and made achieving certification faster and more cost effective.

ISO 27001 is recognised as the “best practice” standard for Information Security, and requires the implementation and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect the company’s and clients’ information in a systematic and cost-effective way. What that means in practice is identifying and managing information security risks by implementing controls. 

The current standard is in the process of being updated but at present 114 controls need to be assessed to determine whether they are applicable. Overseeing all these controls can be time consuming and particularly onerous for smaller companies.

Some growing companies hire a CISO who understands the processes and procedures that need to be implemented in order to fulfill the certifications requirements. But for the majority of SMEs, hiring a CISO is not an option and external guidance is required. The standard and its implementation is simple but like most things in life, its only simple if you know how

With or without a CISO, a company can benefit from the time saved using the Adoptech platform and also having Adoptech SMEs support their internal audits and conducting dress-rehearsals for external audits. At Adoptech our ISO SMEs are known as practitioners,  we deliberately make the distinction between a consultant and a practitioner because our team is actively engaged rather than simply consulting.

How can an Adoptech ISO practitioner help your business achieve ISO 27001 Certification?:


Adoptech Practitioners are subject matter experts, with years of experience in the certification process and detailed understanding of the processes and procedures to ensure the fastest and most efficient certification possible for different types of companies.

Their job is not only to ensure certification, but also to ensure that the entire team understands the processes for ongoing maintenance of the certification.


The main objective of an Adoptech practitioner is to help you achieve certification as fast and cost effectively as possible; they will oversee the process and ensure that momentum is maintained whilst ensuring you have an efficient ISMS (information security management  system) in place that achieves the objective of keeping your company and your clients’ data secure.

Someone who knows the ISO standards can help you implement changes to achieve certification more quickly; you spend less time trying to interpret the standards and more time complying with them. Ultimately less time away from day to day activities means the company’s business will continue as usual during the certification process.

Bespoke solution

Each company has its own processes, employees, founders, teams, workflows, platforms… this makes each certification process unique.

Adoptech’s practitioners have vast experience of implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS’s) in many different companies. They use the Adoptech portal which offers a simple starting point, and tailor it to your company.

Mid and Long term solution

Achieving certification requires a stage 1 and stage 2 external audit to be passed. Preparing for this takes most SMEs between 3 and 6 months. The stage 1 and 2 audits typically take 3-5 days for an SME to complete.

After certification following a 3 year cycle, once certification has been achieved annual surveillance audits are undertaken and in year 3 the full stage 1 and 2 audit are required.

An Adoptech practitioner will help you ensure the workflows and processes implemented minimise the efforts to maintain the certification and avoid having to re implement each control on an annual basis.

In summary, the ISO 27001 consultant’s job is to make the certification process as efficient and cost effective as possible for the company. They will also ensure that the entire team understands the processes for ongoing maintenance of the certification and have the necessary knowledge to participate in the recertification process.

When choosing an ISO 27001 consultant, it is important to choose someone with broad experience in ISO certification and a proven track record of helping companies successfully achieve certification.

At Adoptech, we are simplifying Information Security Certification, with our team of experts providing dedicated support to help you prepare for, achieve and maintain your certification. We’ve done the work to make certification simple and cost effective.

Contact us if you want to know how we can help you achieve your ISO 27001 certification, or read our ISO 27001 guide if you need more information.

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