Adoptech participates in HotBed Accelerate – How to get Enterprise Ready

Last week the Adoptech team got to participate in HotBed Accelerate to help fellow startups getting ready for Enterprise Sales. Our Co-Founders Chris Hansen, David Higginson and Lucy Bowden presented the main stages and best practices to follow in order to sell to Enterprise customers.

As a startup we know how hard it is to sell to Enterprise customers, they worry about the risk other companies may represent for them and want those companies to “look like them” when it comes to information security. However, most startups do not have the resources for that, as they are focused on their products and services.

This is why we started Adoptech, to help startups close Enterprise deals in weeks, not months. Our platform helps startups getting ready since their foundation, replacing endless spreadsheets thanks to a combination of automation and expert support, and accompanying them all the way to frameworks such as ISO 27001 or SOC 2

You can rewatch the whole session on the video below. If you want to know how Adoptech can help you scale your company, contact us here!

Thanks to HotBed for having us, really looking forward to the next event!

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